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Vermont Headlines

Vermont offered help with Single Payer Health Care from President Obama

President Obama addressed State Governors in Washington D.C. and challenged them to come up with a better health care plan than the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, which was passed late last year. Vermont is working on a single payer health care bill.

President Obama said, "If your state can create a plan that covers as many people, as affordably, and as comprehensively as the Affordable Care Act does, without increasing the deficit, you can implement that plan and we will work with you to do it." Read more

Young, gay and bullied

High school is tough for any teen. For LGBTQ students, it can be a deadly environment.


For many, the high school years are an emotional minefield. Some manage to navigate it successfully. Others are scarred for life by the experience. And for those who do not identify as heterosexual, the high school years can be pure hell. The recent spate of news coverage of the suicides of six gay youths... Read more

Coming Out Transgendered - Brittany James in Her Own Words

I am writing this to let you all inside my world — my life — as a female who is trapped in a male body: it's a rough journey that is still going on. Read more

Hospital Visitation ensured for LGBTQ Families

The new health care bill provides hospital visitation rights nationwide starting January 18th. Hospitals that accept medicare & medicaid MUST allow patients to decide who may visit them in the hospital and who may make medical decisions for them, regardless of “sexual or gender identity.” Read more

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International News

Catholic Church Expands their Anti-Gay Campaign to the iPhone

The Advocate reports that “Confession: A Roman Catholic App” is ranked #22 in iPhone app sales worldwide and that the app is homophobic. Read more

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National News

Planned Parenthood Under Attack

Planned Parenthood provides 10 HIV testing locations across Vermont, more than any other organization. It appears that a rightwing smear campaign is underway to take down Planned Parenthood, similar to the way it took down Shirley Sherrod, Van Jones and ACORN. Read more


Op-Ed: Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius regarding the Affordable Care Act and its impact on LGBT Americans

Repealing the health care law would be costly for LGBT Americans

To win the future, America will need to make the kind of investments and reforms that allow our nation to out-innovate, out-educate, and out-build the rest of the world. Effectively implementing the Affordable Care Act is a vital part of this effort.

But some in Congress want to refight the political battles of the past two years and repeal the law along with all the new consumer protections and benefits that go with it. That would be a major setback for everyone, including lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) Americans. Read more

Arts & Entertainment

Book Review - Obama and the Gays: A Political Marriage

Tracy Baim has identified Barak Obama as the “only documented case of a mainstream political figure moving against the cultural tide on marriage equality.” The author says "God's in the mix" to explain Mr. Obama’s evolution from a supporter of “gay rights, same-sex marriage; increased AIDS funding, abortion rights, affirmative action” to his current support of “traditional opposite marriage. Read more

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